The Gift of Healing Herbs: Manual of Intentional Herbalism


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past decade it’s that alleviating ill health and healing are two very different things. I don’t feel like they’re diametrically opposed; but the former involves returning your body to a certain level of homeostasis; and the latter involves bringing your being to a state of wholeness— a […]

On slowing down and listening to the call of nature


Several months ago, my family and I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. We packed up our 2 year old boy, 4 year old Bernese Mountain dog, and 14 year old Lab-Shepard mix, and drove fifty-five hours to our new home. It was an amazing adventure – and it was a long trip. Eight days later, […]

Healing Plants with Plants and Natural Cultivation Part 2


How to Make Plant Treatments Healthy, happy plants, photo by Cathy Skipper In this, the second article of three on the subject of herbal treatments for plants in the garden or agriculture, I am going to look at the actual treatments themselves, how they work, and how to make them. This is a huge subject […]

Five Herbs To Help You Sleep Better


It is well known that using prescription sleeping-pills can become addictive and dangerous. So before you reach for that orange bottle, check out these five herbs to help you sleep better! 1.     Lavender Lavendula stoechas., photo by TeunSpaans, GDFL via Wikimedia Commons Lavender has been proven not only to relieve insomnia, but can also lift you out of depression, […]

Top 40 Canadian Herbal Blogs


We are SO excited to kick off the new year with our top picks of Canadian Herbal Blogs. After months of research and exploration, we’ve finally narrowed our short list of the top herb blogs in Canada down to forty. It was a tough choice, but we’re certain you’ll agree that these outstanding sites merit […]

Herbs For Depression: Eight Herbalists Share Strategies


Accessing high quality herbal information on broad and nuanced health conditions such as depression can be difficult and overwhelming. In this epic Herb Geek Round Table, we’ve asked eight top herbalists to share their herbal treatment strategies for any or all aspects of depression. The result is the most high caliber and thorough compilation of […]

Forging Your Herbal Path: A Chat with Jesse Wolf Hardin


I’m so excited to share this deeply insightful and highly inspirational interview with Jesse Wolf Hardin – a true pioneer in this resurgence of American folk herbalism. I’ve gained so much insight in reading Wolf’s writings on the current state and direction of herbal medicine in North America, so I was thrilled when he agreed […]

Herb Geek Round Up: Best Online Articles Oct. 2013


Monographs & Musings Renée Adele offers three gorgeous plant monographs on tree medicine featuring Alder (Alnus rubra), Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.), and Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). Ann Armbrecht talks about the best 7 herbs to have on hand. Rosalee de la Forêt discusses why it’s important for herbalists to study the taste of herbs. Christophe Bernard shares […]

Prepare for Winter with Food as Medicine


In preparation for winter, it is helpful to focus on warming foods, which improve metabolism and increase circulation. When it is cold outside, we can warm the body and generate energy by eating rich, oily foods like nuts and seeds, legumes, winter squash and aliums. Cook these foods slowly with warming spices and plenty of […]

Texas Herbalism: An Interview with Nicole Telkes


It’s been lovely to chat with Nicole Telkes about Texas herbalism, and her involvement in several exciting new herbal projects. Nicole is the founder of The Wildflower Herb School, a co-visionary behind Herbalismo! – a brand new herb festival with a unique voice, and the primary clinician in her own private practice, offering services as a natural health practitioner […]

Herb Geek Round Up: Best Online Articles Sept. 2013


Monographs & Musings Larrea tridentata, photo by Becki Garza Rosalee de la Forêt shares this top notch and extremely thorough monograph on Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) An excellent idea for creating an herbal study guide of plant samples by Celia Linnemann Tina Sams discusses the woes of managing pests that may be damaging Elder trees, and […]