Herb Geek Round Up: Best Online Articles July 2013

Monographs & Musings

weed wife 2

An enchanted weed wife by Rima Staines of The Hermitage (prints for sale here)

This is an absolutely glorious and enchanting journey into the magical world of plants, local herbalism, and weedwifery. The beautiful tale of this weed wife will awaken your spirit and make your heart sing. This literally brought tears to my eyes!

This mystical and poetic article on the magic of Reishi mushrooms by Asia Suler is one that you’ll want to read the whole way through. Prepare to be inspired!

A sweet article on Lemon Balm that offers a nice mix of herbal lore, ethnobotany, and scientific citations.

Celebrate the gorgeous sunshine medicine of Calendula with Tina Sams as she describes the harvesting, drying, and medicinal uses of this plant.

You’ll enjoy this sweet monograph on Linden Flowers including info on how to forage.

Renée Adele Davis writes this lovely synopsis of her experience working CALM at the Rainbow Gathering alongside first aid master 7Song.

Probably the most important article I read all month was by Rosalee de la Forêt on addressing the difficulties of answering the question: What herb is good for _____ disease? Do yourself a massive favour and read this article!

Herbal Recipes & DIY Tutorials


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Altman of Cauldrons and Crockpots

This Herb Geek round-up of summer recipes by some of the best kitchen herbalists I know is seriously phenomenal!! A whole lot of inspiration in one place.

If you live in a climate where summer has brought you a ton of sunshine and humidity, then the idea of getting ready for winter can feel absurd. But this is actually the time when many herbalists begin stocking their medicine chests and preparing medicines for the long winter ahead. Jessica of Natural Health and Prevention offers some great ideas for getting ready for winter.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate summer than with Wendy “Butter” Petty’s recipes for Elderflower Buttermilk Sherbert. Yum!

Check out these wonderful Elderberry tea blend recipes courtesy of Celia Linnemann of Dandelion Revolution.

The Mountain Rose blog  shares two fabulous tutorials on making herbal salad dressings and how to concoct summertime party punches. Awesome. 

Interviews & Community


Photo courtesy of Lucinda Warner of Whispering Earth

If you haven’t yet encountered the lovely Lucinda Warner of Whispering Earth, then check out her interview with Herb Geek. Lucinda shares her thoughts on the regulation of herbalism in the UK, and the ways in which herbalism, Buddhism, and the natural world intersect.

A wonderful interview with renowned medical herbalist Chancel Cabrera on how to use herbs in chronic illness can be found on Herb Mentor Radio.


Another great month! Thank-you to all the inspiring writers out there – what an amazing and talented community of herbal folk!




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