Meet the Geeks

Herb Geek is a venue for writers, herbalists, health practitioners, and plant lovers to share knowledge, opinions, thoughts, and experiences about the world of herbal medicine. If you would like to contribute an article, please check out submission guidelines. Our Herb Geek contributors are listed below in alphabetical order by first name.

Becki Garza (La Yerberia)

I remember vividly that day in 4th grade when the transparency
projector showed us the parts of the flower. Suddenly school was
interesting. Naturally I majored in biology. A college intership
landed me on a wildlife refuge keying out desert wildflowers for an
herbarium. Field guides hinted at medicinal properties and I was off
and running into herbal studies. I went on to teach high school
biology, with plants playing a leading role in my curriculum, but when
the opportunity presented itself, I quit my day job. Today I am an
advocate for plants, medicinal or otherwise. And I still teach: in
presentions, through my writing, and in consultations.

Cathy Skipper (Herbalistes sans Frontières)

Cathy has been working and living in rural France for the last 20 years. She learnt about plants, nature and agriculture from living close to the land and the local people. After working as a wild-crafter and plant producer, making and selling a range of herbal products, she obtained the herbalist diploma from Lyon’s school of Medicinal Plants where she now teaches botany field study, healing with plants and herbal gardening. She also teaches aromatherapy, medicinal plant study and flower essence making workshops.

Cathy is one of the founding members and coordinators, along with other members of Lyon’s Medicinal Plant School, of the new multi-language herbal network “Herbalistes sans Frontières”. She is currently working on an aromatherapy book with Patrice de Bonneval, the director of Lyon’s School of Medicinal Plants, to be published shortly in English

Katerina Pozzi (Della Terra Wellness)

kp1-150x150Katerina Pozzi is a yoga instructor living in Portland, Oregon, where she is currently a candidate for a master’s in Chinese medicine. She is also the creator of the website Della Terra Wellness, where she blogs weekly, helping readers discover ways in which to enrich their lives through nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and seasonal living. Katerina believes it can be easy and affordable to live a healthy, vibrant life with the right resources and knowledge. Weaving Indian and Chinese philosophy with Western understanding, Katerina strives to help people learn what forms of nourishment they need at any given time, both body and soul, and how to provide it for themselves using what is easily available.

Jessica Morgan (Morgan Botanicals)

jessica-sepiaJessica Morgan is an herbalist, horticulturist and crop science graduate; a certified CA master gardener and junior master gardener teacher, as well an obsessed plant photographer, avid forager and wild foodie. Jessica has been a practicing herbalist for over 20 years (self taught and mentored) and has completed a three year course of herbal study under Michael and Lesley Tierra at the East West School of Herbology. Her continuing education includes all aspects of the science and art of Herbalism including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Ayurveda, Vitalism and Botany as well as Nutrition and Aromatherapy.

Jessica’s lifelong passion for herbology, holistic nutrition, and gardening has led her to develop Morgan Botanicals where she shares her knowledge of plants and helps people reconnect with the healing powers of the plant kingdom. Jessica offers a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, herbal mentoring, children’s classes, plant walks, wellness consultations, custom blends and garden and crop advice.

Lisa Mase (Harmonized Cookery)

My name is Lisa Mase (pronounced ‘Leeza Mahzay’). I am a whole foods cooking educator, translator, and herbalist living between Italy and Vermont. I grew up cooking everything from scratch with my dad and my grandmother. My upbringing has influenced me to become an herbalist and a cooking teacher.I live through my love of cooking, writing, community, and nature. My passion for words and nourishment manifests in my research on the language of food. Our first memories are often olfactory ones: we remember the smell of our mother’s perfume, the scent of breakfast cooking, or the fragrance of a flower. When these scents return to us, we are transported to that memory. May you find your true source of nourishment.

Mélanie Pulla

Hi there, it’s very nice to meet you. I like hot pots of tea, writing lists, exploring new places, and wood stoves. I dislike scary movies, cold homes, and sardines. I studied herbal medicine at CSHS and SWSBM, and then earned a BSc in Alternative Medicine from JSC. I founded this site in 2011 after the birth of my first son with the intention of building bridges amongst herbalists and creating a space where diverse herbal voices could be heard. In 2014, I handed this site over to new stewards in order to become a full time mom to my second little boy. I love writing and continue to share articles here whenever I can.

Michelle Czolba (Wildly Natural Skin Care)

My name is Michelle Czolba and I am busy writing all about natural skin care done with the wild flair and passion of the green Earth. After completing an herbal apprenticeship, I embarked on intensive self-directed and University study of various related skills including natural skin care and cosmetics, plant identification, botany, permaculture, ecology, chemistry, metaphysics, and Earth-based spirituality. My drive in specializing in natural skin products is to experience intimacy with nature and make use of my herbal knowledge. I love the creativity and the fact that I am not subject to the many nasty chemicals and overly strong scents in commercial products too. Now I am able to make all the products for my young son as well, which is peace of mind that he is getting only the best! I hope to spread this knowledge so that others can benefit. I also hold a Master of Science in Sustainable Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a Minor in Chemistry.